About Our World

Herbhome is small homestead, deep in the Buffalo River Country of NW Arkansas. Backed by a beautiful section of the Ozark National Forest, the front of the property is bounded by Shop Creek, a gentle run of clear water and pretty waterfalls. We are living a lifelong Dream, building a sustainable lifestyle.


Native Plants abound, and one of our goals is the preservation of these delicate colonies. Herbhome folks believe in giving back to the Earth and the Community, acting as Stewards for the land and creating  products that are made on a small scale to insure both quality and creativity.

Jeannie is a herbalist and retired critical care nurse, while Neill has degrees in agriculture and robotics. With varied interests and homestead skills , they love sharing what they know with their volunteers and interns.


If someone asked what one word could describe Herbhome, we would reply “sustainability”. Taking care of our land and doing our best to make it better, while creating a comfortable life for our family. Jeannie and our volunteers create a wide palette of handcrafted items, from goat milk soap to artisan quilts.

We hope to bring everything we do into a continuing Circle of Life. Our small herd of milking nannie goats provide milk, meat, manure – browse down the brush in fields and are loving companion animals.

Our mules are also companions as well as draft animals , riding stock and gift us with horse apples for the garden.The chickens all have names and their eggs are free range as they munch down on bugs and slugs in the garden. Our Native Plants and Culinary Herbs are grown without pesticides- our fresh cut herbs are simply rinsed and shaken dry before going to Farmer’s Market with Jeannie or the Interns. These are the same herbs that we use in our organic soaps , herbal slaves and tinctures.

Often described as being “Full of  Life” , the Farm hosts work exchange volunteers, and offers homestead Workshops about everything from organic gardening to earth plaster.