Decision-making on a homestead :)


We often get asked how we go about deciding what to work on, how to do it – all about the whole process.

Over the years we have learned that there are four words that influence our process- Diversity, Flexibility, Priorities and Finances.

Life happens . Family illness, personal health changes, job loss, weather- any number of things can arise.

Building  a straw bale home was so exciting! We had been rolling along 90 for nothing, when a major family illness stopped our progress cold for over two years. It affected health, finances and our time line. I got horribly  discouraged until one of our volunteers came back for a visit. She brought her husband and two children. Her response was “WOW! How much you guys have accomplished!”

It really helped me regain my perspective. She had carried one of the first blocks for the foundation – we now have both pens filled in and are slowly plastering.We have solar power and batteries –  the components for our wind tower are sitting waiting to go up.The garden spot is finally clear , with rich , established raised beds- we have water – so much.

I found it really helps to maintain a project book= write down goals, by yearly items , breaking  them down by season and then by month. Then break it up into small , easily do-able parts. check off what you have accomplished.

When I look back at the book, I am amazed at how much we truly have accomplished !

A lot is about staying flexible – thinking  outside  the box . If you get stopped doing a thing one way – come at it from a different direction. If it rains – do an indoor project, or write – craft something for market…If it snows – have a play day or snuggle up under your favorite quilt and read – a new book about alternative building or a romance, depending on your mood

Diversify. Sometimes a project won’t work, no matter how hard you push to make it happen. So change gears… it’s not the end of the world – you didn’t “fail” – you learned something!!! Old farmer’s used to say “don’t put all you eggs in one basket” 🙂

Finances ? We save for what we want. It is about distinguishing your needs from your wants. Choosing to do without to accomplish a goal can build character LOL- when we decided to homestead we decided that we each could choose on luxury to hang onto – mine was a clawfoot tub for hot baths…Neill’s was his movies…It makes for happier partners 🙂

When things get overwhelming – stop and look around- this is why you are living this way.

Priorities-wow- biggie. how to begin. My criteria are simple – family, home and friends. We often choose to put a projecton hold when a family member or friend is in need. We have been blessed , we have a home, family we love and dear friends. It all seems to come out in the wash- we are happy .

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