Working With Mother -instead of against her…



It’s pouring rain today here in NW Arkansas We truly need the moisture- but it ne of those days where we had planned to do a lot of things 🙂  Maybe it is a good day to talk a little about our philosophy.

We see so many folks who start homesteading and end up in a constant battle with Mother Earth. Seems sad, when  she has so much to give us. It is hard , I know , to change your way of doing things. Yet relaxing a little and trying to sense what is needed , rather than forcing a project , really will make it go  much easier in the long run.

When we decided to build our house, we lived in a small trailer for several years- actually started out living in a tent! I spent many days walking the land , feeling the wind – and watching the path of the sun- where rain ran off (still goofed on the driveway LOL ) thought about what site would work with passive solar design and how best to locate garden, outbuildings and paddocks… without damaging the colonies of wild palnts that are so important to me. The feeling we got of how life happens here on the land gave us a wonderful sense of belonging as we built and did what clearing we deemed nessecary. I admit to crying when we had to remove some large trees for our home site and garden- yet they enable us to live here and protect the ancient beeches we love. The wood was used in the house and for firewood-the soil in the garden site is amazing…I love watching the track of the moon atnight – the star-count during the dark of the moon is unmatched most places and our winter view is all the way down the hollow – in the summer we are wrapped in green arms- cooling us and giving us shade.   

We try to plan what we do to fit in with the seasonal changes- planning ahead for wood and buying seeds to a planned garden…it is important to have alternative things to work on , if it is raining or bad weather.

It is important to take time out and just be presenting in the moment- enjoying the place that you love-the people who are important to you. I often curl up on the love seat in front of the window and simply watch the leaves blow across the blue fall sky.









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