Thanksgiving is a special time for our family. Like so many other families we gather for food and to spend time together , catching up and just spending time being family😊

An underlying theme is present though  – Gratitude. We’d always voiced it, but the last few years with so much illness hitting the family, we have been far more cognizant of the need to express gratitude.

Being aware-present in each moment takes practice. Sometimes just physically stopping and absorbing what is surrounding you… or sitting still and watching the leaves fall. It can be as simple as just listening when a loved one needs to bent. They don’t always mean the things that come out when angry, but need someone to hear the anger and then say “it’ll work out” .

I am exceedingly grateful for my Faith, my family and friends and the wonderful , happy homes we have built together. My daughter’s miraculous recovery and her undaunted spirit are an ongoing Blessing. I am grateful for each day we have of her presence. I can not express the sense of love that I have for the family and friends who held hands through this journey.

I see all the fear and hatred going on right now around the terroist attacks and wish I could do something to make it better. Guess I truly feel that we can make changes –it happens at home, as we talk about it, we are setting an example to those around us in the way WE talk about the issues. We actively affect those around us by how we shred our opinions I used to be afraid to share my opinions, or offer advice Now –if you don’t want my opinion –don’t ask ! LOL.

I believe it important to do each thing in our life with intention and deep gratitude. Even if it is as simple a thing as doing dishes or weeding in your garden. How does that action affect your family, your farm, or even the world , long term.

One day at a time, one moment and the world changes.  Think how powerful you action really is!😊

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