Buzzing about Bees :)

Neill is really excited!

As a new bee keeper , he did a lot of research and then built his  own Warre’ hives. It a style of bee-keeping that stresses natural methods

You can see some of his videos about beekeeping on our you tube sites here:

“Videos about us”) click on the “Playlist”

One of the things he has done to learn more about it has been joining several blogs. Now, after a season of being in the real bee world (LOL) he has been posting and joining discussions  about it. He recently shared some input about how he constructed his hives in answer to a question and how well it had worked for him. To his delight, one of his heroes agreed with him on-line! happy dance!! (Bees DO dance 🙂 )

We got our first hives started too late to catch the spring bloom, but they have done really well through the fall and early winter. We hadn’t expected to get any honey this year , but did end up with some Golden Rod honey-it is light gold and smells like and has subtle taste of citrus!

We did take a hit – one of the queens was killed, but he combined the two hives and our “Gem” is thriving- it has good stores of honey and the bees are doing a great job of getting ready for winter.

I am highly allergic to insect stings , so can’t actively work with them but love watching them . The little guard bee at the entrance looks like a bulldog-she crouches down with elbows out , turning her head to look at us- very clearly letting us know that we better not mess with her hive!

We have a front deck that is high up in the air, overlooking the garden and bee-yard . One of the joys of watching them is seeing a flight with the sun shining thru – they are this beautiful , translucent gold against a clear blue sky- one of the “Ahh-h” moments that you treasure.

Another is during the bloom time for Devils Club…I have encouraged a small stand of it in front of the deck – specifically to draw pollinators to the garden area. Neill’s bees love them! They were absolutely covered with thousands of bees.

It feels wonderful to add anther step in our amble toward becoming sufficient .I think a big part of the secret is to love what you are doing- this is too labor intensive to be in other mind set 🙂




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