Neill always says “When are you ever without a project?” Too true , I am afraid.

Nick tells his friends “Don’ EVER tell Granma you are bored- she’ll find something for you to do!”

Walk into my world, says the spider to the fly….

I guess it comes from believing that if you can dream it, you can find a way to make it happen. The in-between stuff is the hard work and sweat equity .:) One of the reasons to volunteer -learn skills that you can use as you build your world. If someone is doing something – lean over their shoulder and LEARN , as long as they don’t mind. Get you hands dirty, stretch your brain, reach for new things. You may believe you will  never use it- but surprise- it will be needed at some point.

I am blessed with “helpers ” to do a lot of things…but guess what ? I KNOW HOW to do most of the things they do. And have DONE them in the past. LEARN. Reach and DO! The more you know , the more you can bring to your world. From the practical – changing a tire , to the dreams- a strawbale house!

Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know how” Instead -ask “Will you show me?” Most folks are flattered to teach you. Read- there are as many opinions about how to do a thing as there are elbows- find what you think will work for you -try it- you can always try another way if that one doesn’t work. Think outside the box- you’ll be surprised what will come to mind that works- the more you expand your knowledge base , the easier things will occur to you.

Network – community makes hard work easier- if you don’t know how to do a thing , a friend may…

Barter- skills, goods, time , all things can be a possible trade .

Enjoy your world. Remember WHY you are living the life 🙂

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