Planting by the Moon and Signs

Love this picture! If you know where I can credit it, please let me know…

People keep asking me about planting by the moon signs. The guys were talking about it this morning and so I figured this was a good day to sit down and share a little about it.

It is a wonderful and marvelous subject. Planting by the signs can get very detailed and complex, bio-dynamic farmers¬† go into great detail.. but it can be pretty basic.. which is where I will start ūüôā

The main points cover four things- the quarters of the Moon cycle, the phases of the Moon, waxing and waning  and the actual zodiac influences.

First let me say that this is not written in stone…¬†¬† I follow my intuition often – sometimes it flows differently than the moon time.. trust your instincts.

There are several ways of looking at the lunar cycle – depending on your view of the zodiac, but lets just stay basic. The lunar cycle is usually considered to be 29 days- divided by the moons position into four quarters- New moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter – and back to New Moon.

New Moon is the Dark of the moon. The first Quarter light grows on the right hand side of the moon until it looks like a half moon…this is the first phase

quarter moon

. From first quarter til full moon is considered second phase.

full moon

From full moon til third quarter is third phase.

left quarter

From third quarter (A half moon with light being on the left hand side.) til the new moon is the fourth phase.

Waxing Moon means that the moon is “growing” toward full. During the first phase it is considered a waxing crescent moon- not quite half . once it passes half and is working toward full moon is called a waxing gibbous¬† moon. From full moon to new moon is called waning- from full to third quarter it is waning gibbous moon , then from third quarter it becomes waning crescent moon.

Whew – that’s the worst of it!

Most old timers like my Dad looked at the zodiac as being divided by the four elements and three of the signs belonged to each element. They also saw a plant as one of four types , flower, root , leaf and seed. By combining all these things they s came up with a¬† system that worked well. Dad’s garden was on of the best around- we always were giving veggies and fruit away .

The four elements are Earth, Air , Fire and Water.

The signs and plants are assigned  by the elements like this:

Earth-Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn-        Root -also considered very good for planting and pruning to encourage growth.


Air-Gemini, Libra, Aquarius-                    Flowers


Fire-Aries , Leo,  Sagittarius-                     Seed- includes fruit


Water- Cancer Scorpio, Pisces-                  Leaf.  Considered one of the best for planting and pruning to encourage growth.


elent signs

Essentially¬† we plant during a Waxing moon and in a fertile sign. We weed, till etc. during a Waning moon in¬† a barren sign…Having said that – some things are best planted during a waning moon and a fertile sign. Certain things need to be planted in fertile signs during each phase. theere is a lot of information is out on the internet about this.. .

Here are a few things we used to do:

We would cut posts for fencing during a barren sign and a waning moon Рthe sap would  be down .. Weaning baby animals on a waning moon is a good thing РDad would do waning and fertile ,so they would thrive, while the momma would dry up well.Firewood cutting was better during a waning moon.


Old timers will Not plant on a Sunday- it is considered a barren day – the sun’s day…

There are many other things involved , but this a basic overview.I would love to share more later – so stay tuned LOL¬† ūüôā



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