Day to Day Living- Homesteading Advenures :)

“How’d your day go?” LOL!

Walk through a typical day with me …

The hounds went off about 2 AM – coyotes were singing up the hollow- so got to hear hounds telling them -“We live here-stay away!”  Coyotes made their circle and came back through about 4:30. Ok -back to sleep-always try to wake up and check on what is going on – we back on thousand acres or so of National forest- with every varmint possible- so need to back the dogs up when they are doing their job.


Bed is so nice ahhh- sleep overtakes me – then – ER-ERrr -er er -rooo! Yep Red welcomes the day – 6 AM. 🙂

So rise up – do my morning ablutions- then slip on my clogs and go over to the living room – empty out two pails of ashes- set them out on the grate in the fire ring. We are being super careful about hot coals and all. so let the ashes cool before we dump them- fire is a real issue back in the woods. Got a small fire going to take the chill off and set up a bed  of coals for the night- it is supposed to snow later tonight. Welcome to Arkansas – if you don’t like the weather wait 15 minutes- it was 70 degrees yesterday .

Rustle up coffee and tea water- pull back the insulated drapes so that we get solar heat as well as wood from the big front windows. Fix my tea- “Constant Comment” my comfort drink…Mom used to give it to us on special days.

Rest a little , watch “my” birds come to the feeder- crazy cardinal  female who has to attack the bird reflected in the window everyday -shaking  head.  Blue jays, titmice, juncos, chickadees, and then the meat eaters are going to the suet on the back porch-wrens and bluebirds so far… Robins came in about a week ago.

Then its time to start yoga and my exercises.. get grounded as well, using Starhawke’s form. It is so peaceful- find a place where you can connect with the ground or a large rock , if possible. Sit or stand barefoot , placing your hands and feet against the erth or rock-closing your eyes and start walking through your senses- listen – what do you hear? Can you tell  where the wild things are moving through the woods? Which birds can you hear? Are there steps in the leaves? Can you tell if it is the quick hops of a squirrel or the slip slide of a deer? Feel- Can you feel the wind on your skin and in your hair? How moist is the air-is it warm or cool? Smell it- What is moving in the air? Is there cedar ? Alder or are the witch hazels on the creek blooming-can you smell their sweet cinnamon breath? how about the sell of the livestock? The scent of warm horsie breath-or the goat manure that you need to move to garden in the afternoon? Now , slowly open your eyes – does the world seem brighter, more intense now> Breath deeply, and release it all the way down through your toes into the earth mother.

Then morning chores- no volunteers today , so letting Neill snooze late-LOL- go feed and water Elmer the bunny rabbit and look for eggs- 14 today – oh WOW one looks like a huge double yolker! Happy dance! Dang it !  The tarp over the side of his cage tore in the wind! Replace it and check that every one has shelter for the storm coming. Check everyone for bites or wounds- oh Lordy-Moses got Skunked – yucky poo!!!Drag the carcass out from under the deck and dispose of it.

Walk down to Creek – sit on my rock and enjoy the wonder of the beauty we are gifted to steward.. I am in never ending awe of this beauty.  wander along checking out the wild flowers and trees starting to bud out. There is my big old doe again- good , she wasn’t killed this year during the hunting season.

Back to the house- making some oatmeal and adding some of Neill’s new honey – our golden treasure! So yummy.

Bee on Anise Hyssop

Can’t wait til my goatie girls freshen in April.

Then wake Neill to start  getting ready to go work on Carrie’s electric and pick up a load of feed.. I have class tonight. hope we can beat the rain and snow.

Got the tools loaded, folded a tarp to cover feed in case we get caught in the precip. Loaded the house water jug to stop at the Spring and fill it for drinking water on the way.

Halfway to Jasper, the rain has started- decision time. due to our steep, slick hill, discretion is the better part of valor- call Carrie and make arrangements to go after the storm is over. Grab the feed and run for home . Sleeting as we cross the creek – turns to rain a little later.

Refresh the fire and cook some lunch while Neill offloads the feed. Rescue the ducks , they managed to lock themselves into the green house, silly critters 🙂 Ahhh! Time to put my feet up til  chore time. It is nice  to hear the rain filling up both tanks. We had gotten really dry here.

Any how time for a break – have a good day everyone!


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