Day to Day Living-Bragging on my Help

We have a lot of different projects going on- from small garden things to huge construction projects. One of our blessings is having good , reliable part time helpers. We have several who have been true blessings for us.  What makes them so special?

This took me a little while to come up with- what makes them a person  of value to your homestead/farm ?

So here are some of the things that make a helper valuable to us.

First , reliability. If you say  you are going to be here, please show up – or call to let me know you aren’t coming. If you no-show – I am going to be ANGRY! I am counting on you- planning my time and money around having your help available. I was raised that your word is basically all you have.

Then the ability to listen. Often we have to do something a certain way  because of finances or available materials – or even “just because”. I sometimes have trouble vocalizing just why I want a thing done a certain way, but please be sure there usually is a specific reason.

Then honesty – if you don’t want to do a task or you can’t do it, please tell us , right away! Rather than let it go undone , possibly building resentments or tensions. We would far rather rearrange assignments , than have some one unhappy or hurt.

A sense of humor- lord knows you will need it- often stuff happens! We have to  change direction halfway through – sometimes we can’t find a tool, or don’t have all the supplies- may the weather is wrong- just be flexible and laugh!

Respect our rules. We are pretty up front about what we expect around behaviors. They are there for a reason. We think it is important to only “judge” people by how they act to us. We try to see the whole person, not being naïve, but to emphasize the positive.

Many of our workers have become extended family over the years. They have helped us so much – to get close to our goals,  helping with both physical and moral support. They have come to mean a great deal to us.

So what makes a good worker ? Hope this has helped a little 🙂

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