Flexiblity and Storage on a Homestead

Good morning!

Well, we are rained in , like so many other folks.

It has put me into Spring cleaning mode, which in turn leads to “Where on earth am I going to store this seasonal stuff? ” Canning things, craft faire set-up, blanket boxes, etc. This brings up one of the chief ideas in Permaculture – putting the things you work with daily closest to you, then the weekly stuff further out , etc. Most old farms were organized this way as well. There are very practical reasons for this.

Storage was a real issue when we moved onto the place. We built a temporary shed – with a roof and then wrapped it in tarps . THAT did not go well. We lost a lot of our belongings that were boxed up as well as the few furnishings we brought with us.

Now that we are settled in , I  am realizing that storage needs to be weather tight! It also needs to keep the varmints out – both bears and two legged ones. LOL. Tools are a large cost item and need to be out of the weather II am the worlds worst at leaving them at a project site- “I’ll be right back ” and then something interrupts and low and behold they are left out overnight. Not good for the too or for finding them  for the next project. So I am working really hard to change that habit- we now have a   good CENTRAL storage area for our tools.

It is a time saving thing to know right where something is when you are working on a project; or to be able to get seasonal things up and out of the way – canning stuff needs a home of it’s own – as does a flue brush, or seedling boxes…crafting materials- how I long for an actual studio , where my things are organized and I can leave a quilt out that I am working on , etc. Neill is building bee hives and other things for his bees- he needs space to work – to spread out the tools and supplies…

Space constraints teach us flexibility. Mom and Gladys both hung their quilt frames from the ceiling in the daytime and let them down in the evenings to work on the quilts. My garden spot also makes do as temporary chicken yard and goat pen when the goats are kidding. so it has to be set up to protect and or divide seedlings from full grown plants-.


We chose to limit the amount of clearing we do-trying to meld survival needs to preserving the woods and native plants that we treasure. We are committed to protecting them. This is one of the compromises we have made in order to achieve it. . This property is so incredibly beautiful- we feel that we are not owners but stewards of it  and hope to pass it on to our family as a treasure to be cherished.

Multiple usage is an important aspect of homestead living – the flexibility it allows adds greatly to productive use of your spaces and energy.

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