Bee News: New Queens and Our First Split!

Happy Dance ! The new Queen is installed. We had a very good experience with the gentleman we bought from – one of the nucs had a weak queen and he immediately sent us a replacement. The new bees are happy and already hauling in pollen and nectar. Our old hive is active and productive and Neill just did his first split. So this year is looking good, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. LOL.

The trip over to Fayetteville to get the bees was a real adventure! Our truck was down , so Carrie took us over – She was worried -“None of them will get out, will they ?”  Neill pulled a joke on her – we had stopped at the Restore (Habitat for Humanity Store) to look for tile  and he calmly walks up to her ” Carrie we have a little problem – can I use your keys? “Carrie goes “What is it?”  So he says , “Well, a few bees got loose..” Carrie -white   as a sheet, calmly asks ” How many? ”  Neill “Only about 500- but they’ll settle out” Needless to say she was ready to smack him !


Then on the way home we kept hearing the weirdest noise. The nuc boxes are cardboard and it sounded like the bees were trying to eat their way out the sides. So the boys were taping up holes to be sure .. it was a riot !

Anyhoooo- home safe and doing well!

We spent yesterday running wire at Carrie’s place- almost done with the wiring.  Seems odd that two years ago Jason and I laid the cabin out using string and stakes. Now it is a real home  for Carrie and family. What a joyful thought!


It is nice to have some home time right now – catching up in the garden , doing odd chores and just enjoying the Springtime- I am such a home body and it seems like we have been horribly busy this year. I walked to the Creek this morning – watching the Redtails come down – the old hag lost her mate last year and she has a new fella- saw my old doe deer with the floppy ear- she gives us twins usually –  and watched the blue heron for a few  moments before moving on. I really enjoy my morning “Walk About”.. it sets the tone for the whole day.

Be Happy!

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