Homesteading-Can Older People Do It?

I was feeling a little fragile tonight and thought I’d share a little about the aging  process as a homesteader.

Over the last several years there have been some very real physical changes for both of us. Fortunately we have been planning on  them coming up  …still doesn’t make it easier to face them , but it does help.

I will most likely never really think of myself as “Old” haha, but the body is changing. Can we still run a homestead? Of Course! I knew folks in their 90’s who did it and still loved it !  I remember “Aunt Eva” Henderson -hauling water from the river-still active until the Park  was established- Tom Villines – Dad’s best friend working on his tractor until the day he passed- Roy Walker- riding a horse and hunting  with his  hounds-Little Berthie Carlton Villines-busy as twins always….

There are adjustments to be made- for instance how you manage livestock, heating your home,  being sure you have safety measures in place. Try to focus energy on the things you love most!

Yet perhaps the hardest part is dealing with the mindset. With the physical changes happening, limits start popping  up. How do we deal with them , without becoming discouraged or giving up?

For us it has been about talking openly with each other and family-what our priorities are, what we can change, what our important goals are …  Our strongest asset has been our partnership- supporting each other , up lifting each other , and accepting those changes as they come along.

We get down- and it is important to feel those moments, but the gift is not to dwell in it , but to pick yourself up and keep on going. My hero is my “Mom” Marty. She is my example of how to keep on truckin’ .

May be it all about passing it on- sharing our strengths, but also our weaknesses ? Allowing our family to learn as WE walk through it .

Enough of Jeannie waxing philosophic for one night – have a good one , enjoy the sunshine tomorrow!



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