Late Winter Thoughts

This weather is insane! Up and down and all over the place. To plant or not to plant?

We have had several winters like this in the past, but I have a feeling it’ll get lovely and then drop a hammer on us later in the Spring.. so – yep – already have put stuff out LOL– but have frost cover ready to hand – if it looks like it’ll drop , I’ll be out there throwing on the row covers and old sheets and blankets like a wild woman hah 🙂

The boys turned over the garden for me and we are hauling manure and compost- strange to take so much joy in turning poop under the ground. planted some berry starts from Pam and jerry’s garden- spring greens are out- wil do a few more Friday.. plan on expanding the re raspberries and adding some more blak ones along the front fene.  Did a lot of leanup lately – found ten noew anise hyssop plants poking through the much. Lemon balm is up , strawberries think it is full blown spring– hepatica is out along the creek , alder is in full bloom  down on the island, een see a few mayapple knobs poking up1 Crazy…

Bear grass is thick – sweet avans is thick- the willows are all starting to color up – sycamore and maple –


Life is happy – ft to burst . Robins an dbluebirds are in Cardinals are singing their nesting songs, all three kinds of owls are mating – barred owls, great greys an our blessed little screech owl are all keeping the woods  a live at night – cac cac cac who cooks for you…

Daffadils blooming in Jasper- lialcs are covered in leaf buds- my red honeysuckle has bloomed three difffernt times. The Bridal wreath fromm Vern briscos old hedge is budding out. old lady elder is covered in baby leaves.  the new beech leaves are forcing the oldones to drop fianllly-


Actually got dive bombrdby hummingbird scout about a week ago. the geese went north a few days ago …

How full and rich our world is especially now. the nannies are due in april, baby chicks are due soon – fruit trees are greening up – The three starts I brought here from the anciaent redbud on the Erbie place are all head high now- sadly the old tree is laying on the ground as we drive by to arries- it gave us many seasons f intense bloom – it was one of the largest redbuds I have ever seen..


Many fo my plants are gifts from older friends who have passed on – it’s funny how they warm my heart- like the friends are right here by me, enjoying “their “grden.


Garden can bea such apracitical thing – food, shelter etc. yet it is also a thing of the spirit- you vest your heart and hands in it.. memories and feelings becomelinked to it- One of my favorite memories is the grandchildren following the labyryth at Erbie. they got such joy out if it and all the winding trails in the herb gardens.




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