Summer Projects-From A Letter to Carrie

Morning All 🙂 This is from a letter to Carrie- up dates on projects included haha!
I am excited about camping out with you guys – that will be so fun !
I am bringing rachet straps and a 100 foot rope – so that should be enough to load the kayaks- have you got strapping for the canoe and maybe one kayak on your car? I have more- just have to dig for it – haha – you know my mess  LOL-do you need more ice chests I have several …?
Had a nice visit with the kids who were vending next to us at Solar Flux- they  have been really sweet when I have been down there-helping me when I need it etc.  Amanda , Ed and Konje – Amanda and Ed are hoping to get a food truck going- they have been setting up in several pop-up tents -which takes for-eeeever– you might remember them as “Mood Food”? . The best good stuff ever! They are out of Little Rock …
Ben went to church in Branson -singles group- with Tanner Flippo- one of our returned missionaries – had a nice day out – they plan on hanging out again on Wednesday and he said he would take care of animals for us while we camp – aweeeesooommmeee 🙂 The Flippos live up near Dogpatch – next to the old Rock Candy Mt. site.
Sue was really excited yesterday – Jay got baptized- and it made her very happy- it is important in their faith and she has been worrying over him. So this will ease her heart.
I saw where Sissy rescued some puppies the other day – she is such  a sweetheart … how are things going for her ? Never see her any more! I want to have a girls lunch out – you me Summie and a friend  , Marty, Jimmie and Linda , maybe we can capture Angel , too..after payday – think we could  do that ?
Neill Ben’s BD party is the Nineth- just doing a pot luck about 2 pm and then fireworks if the burn ban is off…thought I’d do fried chicken and ribs.. would you bring your dip and potato salad if you are feeling good that weekend?
We got the pergola  frame up for the shade cloth over the front deck -it  has cooled the house down a lot.. Neill and Ben have almost got the goat lot fenced in – ready to move them into it – then take down the temporary chicken house – move those panels out to enlarge the kennels (made the chicken house  out of kennel panels ) – so the knob will be  cleared – only thing left to do is take down the cross fence so we can lay out the tower pole. We made the cross fence of cattle panels which I bought to expand the green house – so they will be free to use ! yeah – happy dance!!!
Raspberries are getting ripe and the blackberries are right behind- we seem to be about two weeks behind everyone here in the hollow- made strawberry jam the other day-tomatoes are in full bloom- sweet banana peppers are setting on – almost ripe- need to make some cream cheese to stuff them with – drooling already haha.
This week is about getting the garden in shape for Fall planting- weeding hauling manure and sawdust – mulching existing plants- then , when the signs are right , planting fall crops – think we are going to have a great fall garden if weather  cooperates. We primarily do French Intensive gardening- double digging and then soli improvement on top of it in the raised beds..with succession planting- Our idea of organic gardening is about building healthy soil- if you have healthy soil, then you tend not need pesticides -The passive greenhouse extends our growing season by about three months. My dream is to put in a rocket mass bench down the center of it to start seeds on – maybe in the spring , hahah – one more Jeannie Project LOL- There is ALWAYS a project going on here on Herbhome LOL – the Infamous “Project List” -think I am getting a rep?  haha
Several Fall projects that are waiting on finances are finishing the cabin , insulating the  floors and getting the gable in .. one thing at a time. It will happen – we have come so far over the last few years- so much more I dream of though  🙂 Want to roof over an outdoor kitchen with a much larger horno and lorena stove- build his wood working shop, since he is making so many hives now- get the library built-  then we need hay storage and I would really like a crafting studio – some place with organized shelving and big work tables to leave projects in the works laid out-  dreams , dream,  dream ….
Another thing we have in mind is to get a wild flower field started out by the swimming hole- the old field there has enough sun without clearing and we hope to sow it to natives that are good nectar and pollen sources for the bees- also a way of preserving species… maybe have a few spirals  of lavender and thyme for added flavor for the honey-
Our hives are increasing- we now have five active hives- wow – I am thinking honey and mead – ….
I have to remember which thumb drive I stored all the pictures on and then I can post some of the hives !
Got 3 baby turkeys from Ronnie Cox – he has them for sale at VERY nice pricing ! Plus his chicks are ALWAYS nice and healthy!!These little ones are Royal Palms – The Royal Palms are an heirloom breed-they raise young very successfully and are good at surviving. The toms dress out smaller -about 12 pounds- ideal for a small family. We had them before and loved them -we lost them to the local varmints before we got the electric fence .
The rain this morning was wonderful – not a lot but enough o ease the stress.
Stay cool and hydrated –
Enjoy the cool from the good rain

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