Daily Blog – Fourth of July

This has been a busy little day- weather has cooled down after a night of rain. We are almost recovered from the float trip and campout – haha!

Had an amazing time – we shuttled for Carrie and family – then went down the next evening to Rush and camped out- took dinner down and then shuttled kayaks back the next day. We had some adventures in the meantime ,though!

We had finished dinner and were gathered around visiting when I looked up  and saw a coon walking right under Neill’s chair ! She just ambled along bold as brass and got up on the table to raid then several times during the night,  she brought last years kits back to “assist” her!

Then later in wee hours of the morning a young man comes up to our camp asking “Is anyone awake ? I need some help” they had locked the wrong set of keys in another car about 30 miles back up stream. I ended up running him up there,  while Carrie and Neill sat up worrying … got him to his vehicle and by the time I got back the coon had raided the trash bag on  the light pole ! What a night!

Today we have been working on the garden – several things needed to be changed in order to work on the wind tower.. We needed to move the goatie girls into their new digs, take the temporary fence and stake the tomatoes with those posts, add more wire to the greenhouse to set it up as a temporary chicken house- while we get the tower up.

The shifting and re-arranging has to happen because the guy wires for the tower take so much space during the lay-out process. Anything in their path is liable to be damaged. we are so very close to being able to do some serious work on getting it up ! I am getting really excited Our power concept involves a three step plan. We began with two solar panels and four L 16 batteries. The idea was that we would learn about it, and learn what worked for us and what didn’t. We chose smaller batteries  in order to be able to handle them.

Next on the agenda was more batteries- I frame alternative energy as a battery system – rather than a solar , or wind power -you have a battery system POWERED  by solar, wind water etc.

Now we are working on the wind power-

We got the remaining chicken wire up on the greenhouse, roosts in place

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