Daily Thoughts- July 8th

Mornin’ !

Beautiful one- nice breeze and sunny here – we had  a few spotty showers yesterday , but it was glorious- had a day spent helping daughter Carrie- then Darrell BBQ’d for us- got a lot done- missed my class, and forgot to call- I hate that – think it is horribly rude. but got wrapped up in the process – hauling sheet rock , hanging doors and all.  think my memory has an overload switch  and just shuts off,  haha!

Got to visit with Summer a little too- she is enjoying her lifeguard job.

Nicholas helped out the men and got rewarded with a real door ! Happy dance!

Started this morning  out early- Rosie treed about 5 AM  and I went up the hollow to see what it was- had a nice coon up a beech tree- called her off  and walked back down the Creek- drying up , but the big holes still are running – though most of the springs on the west side are dry now. Bees are working something up n the bench – but didn’t feel like hiking up there. Took some time to just sit at one of my favorite pools- It has a beautiful run oinging water- and the breeze was so nice. Coming back down the old road, I saw the south end of a bear headed north – he was bookin’. Chance set himself right across in front of me- “Mom – you’re not going that way – LOL – for such a small dog he sure is bossy.

Chance is my hero dog – I had been going to get a Border Collie pup- but was having trouble finding one I really liked- a lady had pups in the parking lot at Bob’s (now Harp’s) and this tiny guy grabbed my heart- colored just like a BC – so I “took a chance” on him. – He was Aussie/Sheltie cross- and we have boon companions since . He loves snow-his first snow he put his long snoowze down it and started rooting around like a little pig. Buried himself ! He is in charge of the place-

This morning is busy- hiked , then worked in the garden for a couple of hours- tomatoes are later here in the hollow, but have a lot setting on- herbs to harvest – banana peppers are ripe, zucchini and yellow squash are almost ready..

Getting things ready to plant when the signs are right next week- I usually set things out the first week , but my beds weren’t read. y. We are so lucky to be able to have three gardens here each year- occasionally the spring one doesn’t make , but it is worth planting it, for when it does well , it is amazing! Ben weeded tomatoes yesterday for me- this batch are the ones that YO set out.

The baby Muscovy ducks that Jimmie gave us are doing beautifully – I love watching them – they are so clownish. One of them is colored up like a Dominique chicken – he looks so funny. Gave Carrie and Darrell six of the new batch – may they have as much fun as I do!!! The young bourbon red turkeys we got from Ronnie are coming along nicely- they are intended as a breeding flock – the next generation will be yummy for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Got the Nannies moved down into their new digs- took down the temporary cross fence and todays project is taking down the temporary chicken house- the knob is now ready to do all our work on the tower- nothing in the way except rocks , energy and  time !

This wind tower has been a lesson in patience for me- we will get it up soon, I am sure. Maybe….. LOL

Tomorrow we will be celebrating three birthdays at a potluck dinner- Neill’s was the 5th, Ben’s is today and Darrell’s was the 23rd of June.  I am surrounded by Cancers! 🙂 come join us if you can tomoro!


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