July Thoughts 7/10

Another hot and humid day in the making – July weather in Arkansas, what can I say? The skies are truly glorious though!

Roosters and Mr. Cardinal had a singing competition this AM – verrry early, Bless their Hearts J  I got up    , drank my tea  out on the front deck – watched all the crazy squirrel teenagers start in playing in the trees across the driveway- they have a route they travel that actually ends up  going all the way around the house LOL- reminds me of the Tarzan movies-good old Jonny Weismuler  and Ron Eley… Ahahahhh ah!!!

Watered the baby ducks and turkeys – letting them out for their first run, now they are all feathered out and we plan on being home all day- they know to come to the food call so shouldn’t get tooo lost in the garden. We have electric around it , so no varmints should attack -crossed fingers- one of the risks of living backed up to National forest- it is a stunningly beautiful back yard, but has it’s inherent risks for livestock and Poultry.

I am really excited today! Yesterday my fall herb seeds came in . Harold at Alchemy Works has been so reliable- over the years- I primarily use them and Horizon Herbs – now “Strictly Medicinal”– sorry.. have been my most successful seeds . I ordered the medicinals for fall- been moving slowly , rebuilding from what we had at the Erbie Place. Lamaya helped check the order- she is very interested in botany. So we kinda did a teaching session.

Thursday and Friday are good planting days , so I am getting ready to soak seeds today and refrigerate them til then. It’s not a true stratification , but will  help. I am sorting them out by soil and shade requirements- and plan on spending the next few days prepping the beds for them . It is also a really practical idea to create signage that will  last the winter, so you don’t forget what is planted where, when things start to come up in the Spring .. now , ask me how I know this … HAHA.

Neill is currently in the middle of his wood working project for the bees- he is building cedar boxes- nuc boxes and Warre top bar hives.. he also built two Langstroth style hives They keep getting more and more professional looking…We currently have five active, healthy hives- I can’t wait til fall for honey – the local honey is great for allergies , plus the taste is outstanding. We had goldenrod honey this spring – wow ! what a treat. I hope to Fall sow the old field down by grey rock to herbs that are bee friendly. Maybe try to add some clover , too, though I am not sure there will be enough sun- and we really don’t want to clear it , just utilize the sunny spots.

Our long term volunteer, Ben, heads to Missouri tomorrow- and we will really miss his smiling help. Ben is a reader and a  thinker.  He wants to travel the word – Africa, Europe the Middle East. How exciting!

Don’t forget if you are interested in learning Earth Plaster, come on out Friday and Saturday – we will be elbow deep in mud!


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