Day to Day Living -Garden

(Missed a few post for some reason- this is older -)

It was glorious outside today!

Neill and Jason got the green house almost done yesterday, so I went down and finished it out this AM.

Jason and Eric had dug the beds up really well about a month  ago , carried manure for me and it was in good shape…

I laid out six beds and then double dug them this morning – owww m poor old back haha

Then this afternoon I put out a bunch of stuff for spring garden. Lettuce, carrots, greens, garden peas and some bush and pole beans. Stuck some tomato seeds in pots on top of the water barrels so hopefully they will sprout soon 🙂 it felt so nice , being out in the sunshine, getting my toes in the dirt.

It is a good feeling planting a garden to feed your family . It’s a very creative process as well- my garden has flowers scattered everywhere – both as companion plants, as cutting flowers for the house and even just because…

Several more beds down in the lower garden to plant this round, then we’ll take a timeout to wait for the signs to be right again for the next round. I try to do succession plantings of salad stuff- and canning things like green beans .


I took a walk in between garden  time today – the woods are still horribly dry – leaves crackling and just ready to flare up at any moment. PLEASE b e super careful with fires until we get more rains.

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