Homesteading- About Family

Why is family so important to the home stead life style?

There are some obvious answers, such as the “Free” labor, but it goes far deeper than that.

One of the greatest benefits is having a partner to share your dreams with. They can help you get through the tough times, the why the blanketty – blank are we here trying to do this insane thing ?times….

Homestead life can be hard. It is labor intensive- and can be overwhelming if plans go awry-as they can so on do . Having a partner to listen , help problem solve to ask questions that can change perspective on a problem, takes a large burden from your .

Sometimes a simple hug or atta boy…can keep you putting one foot in front of another to get a project finished.

Finances can go south – dreams can fizzle out because of it and the discouragement can knock your feet out from under you.

There are the quiet moments of joy , sitting out on the deck soaking in your world that you have created together. sometimes it is just seeing the face of a grandchild get it- the oh wow moment when they realize that this is  good life…

There is the concept of passing on our stewardship of the land to someone who understands the depth of that commitment and will be willing to continue it …

Long term , the love of family and friends , those bonds are what create a home , rather than just a house.


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