It’s raining , it’s pouring, the old man is snoring….

(Old post- got missed some how – sorry)

Morning! Rain and more rain ! Creek is up – worrying what shape our bottom road will be in when this rain is all done- weather report says five days of it next week. I love being home but have guests due in – yikes!!! Happy news – Grand-daughter Summer is graduating Sunday – a year early ! So very proud of all her hard work .. . she is a special, beautiful young lady – both inside and out 🙂 Seeing her grow into such a strong and intelligent young woman has been a great gift. Many youngsters are either good looking or good people – MY girl is both LOL!

Had nice visit with friends from church last night -made a fish dinner and had a rare treat for us – ice cream 🙂 They stayed and yakked – think Brother Flippo is going to take  our volunteer Ben out one day next week to play disc golf- Misaki is due in by bus today – can’t wait to meet her- she is an exchange  student from Japan at West Florida University.  Jada and Jeremy are coming in for the weekend , so we should have a houseful- have to set up a Scabble marathon!


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