Cancer help- Links, Numbers, Contacts

How to find resources for help- with everything from transportation,  to housing and meals. also a listing of support groups I have learned about. We are based in NW Arkansas so some of these are local only-some are aimed at adults in Carrie’s age group- under 40- others are general..

This is a more specific list of names and numbers. An important step is to have your paperwork together prior to applying for help- Social Security numbers for the family, income proof, address proof-etc.

Newton County  (Arkansas) Cancer Support Group- meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Senior Center in Jasper, Arkansas.

For help with meeting utility bills in Newton County you can contact: Tammy at Ozark Opportunity in Jasper or Harrison- here is the phone number for Jasper:


Here is the number for Harrison. If you can’t reach them at jasper try the  Harrison Number.


American Cancer Society. 1-800-277-2345

Their Patient Navigator’s each cover a specific region of the country and they have a world of resources available. A primary function of theirs is do research for resources for  you – to take the burden off your shoulders. They can put you touch with other groups- help with reduced price housing or free housing- there are specialist’s who connect you to their “Partner Program , where nearby hotels  off reduced housing for patients and their families. this is not a program for those who are IN hospital , but if you have a prolonged stay for treatment or testing – this is a great resource.

The ACS also has support groups – they offer a Buddy Program for phone contact with a person who is in your age group, and is going through  or has gone through the same or similar situations. This is available both to patients and caregivers.

They also have a program called the Young and the Brave-aimed at younger cancer patients- under 40 I think- and it has grants available – from $200-$1000.

Here is the link for the support information page:

Amercian Cancer Society Support page

Legacy Hospice- local contact -Charlotte-870-743-9693

Legacy Hospice

What exactly does Hospice do? It is a volunteer service for patients  with life limiting illness – who chose comfort care  not curtive measures-(those whose cancer has metastastised and their health is decliningin spite of theraphy  or those who have chosen to decline further treatment.) hospice care is not  time limited- often it xtends several years- a patient can be on hospice and still travel to see family, or go onthe once in a lifetiem trip – and recieve care while traveling . ..

Colorectal Cancer Alliance-wonderful information and research site!

Colorectal Cancer Alliance

I will try to add to this as I learn more- please check back frequently.



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