Taking a Day Off to Dream

Life can get busy as twins. All the “should” and “musts”…

Sometimes it does the Spirit good just to take a timeout  just to rest and recoup our energy. We need  time to let our brain process everything we feed it – and surprisingly it will come up with unexpected , unique , answers and solutions.

My rest times often produce some awesome dreams of things I hope to do here on the homestead- scares hubby a little LOL- his “Honey Do ” list gets longer !

It can also be a great time just to re-connect with why you live your life. Right now , the wind is stirring my chimes- an old belief that they scare off bad things has them hanging everywhere 🙂 -Wow! Just realized that comes from Uncle Fred  (My great grandfather) and all his tales of the Orient 🙂

My Shadow cat is curled up snoozing beside me, hummer’s are stocking up on sugar water- hounds are snoozing everywhere- the leaves are rustling .. just a soft day to BE.

The muscovie ducks I got from Jimmie are picking out their roosting spots , now that they are getting older-one has even decided she likes the kitchen roof- she can look through the gable window and see what we are doing..:)

I get so much joy from the world around us- I hope I never lose that sense of wonderment! When I get wrapped up in real world issues and forget to get grounded it really shows in my state of mind and behaviors. Being a type “A” personality , bent on providing the best for family, it took many years to allow myself to relearn the connections I had as a child to the woods and hills I love. So it often takes a conscious effort to stop and ground when “real life”  rears it’s head.

My skill set has always been to make things happen- and right now it is needed in our family due to illness. But I also don’t want to loose the things I hold dear about my life. So – time out to Dream.

Planning the medicinal garden growth- also getting a list together of what we still need to complete the wind tower- and the floor insulation the first… wishing for more tanks for water storage… and dreaming about the living roof we want for the new library we hope to build. LOL – As the boys all say – when is Jeannie EVER without a project?

I believe Dreaming keeps hooked in to Life!

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