Living with Varmints

I love living out against the National Forest. Way back in the woods is absolutely wonderful!

Is it perfect? Far from it – hard work is substituted for dollars- and there are other factors to deal with.

Three AM reminded me of this.

Some varmint came roaming through. Buddy, Thor and Moses decided to give chase- ran it off – bless ’em. One of the big reasons for keeping dogs on a homestead is to protect your livestock and poultry from critters who want a midnight snack or two! But dogs in our world are coonhounds- so those idiots decided to tree at 3:30 AM and being the good strong dogs they are they stayed on the tree til I went and got them. About 5:30. While Neill was snoring away… LOL


Meanwhile one of our does- , a white Saanen-is in full blown heat – calling to the buck “Abraham” – he is answering her about every five minutes- all before six AM. (We don’t want her bred until later in the year).

Now then , Jeze- one of our walker coon hound gyps (girl dogs) decides it isn’t fair that the guys are out running and she can’t , so she starts in singing…

This my Dears, is the Herbhome Serenade. Am I a little grouchy this AM ? Mmmnnn..Would I trade it to live in town ? NEVER!!

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