Daily Blog : Veteran’s Day Friday November 11

Our 21st Anniversary!

How funny… Our marriage is old enough to drink !

Today started out about 4 AM…. With the coonhounds howling up the hollow …Jess treed and Thor was with her. She is so like her mama, Reba, she locks onto a tree and won’t let go…good girl.

Had a good class with David today, then took a load of trash off for Carrie.

Neill had been working on the bathroom ..getting there, just waiting on money enough to buy the two bags of insulation. For the walls and ceiling!  Think it’s going to be really cute.

Talked to an inquiring volunteer – Jerome Allen..-seems really enthusiastic with a lot of offer….. I have learned tho to only count on them once they walk through the door LOL ! The volunteers love a very loose life style…plans change often. The good ones let you know their plans have changed..They are the treasures . 😇

It was cold this am..34… Clear ,beautiful autumn day!

Don’t forget that Monday night is full moon…it is the closest it has been since 1948 !

Thanks to all our veterans for their Service. You are our heroes ! You deserve every recognition possible!

I might not like the war you fought in, or the President who made decisions, but YOU deserve all our Thanks !

Have a good nite tonite!



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