Drinking Water-Our Most at Risk Resource

We had a good solid rain this am..so glad. Fire at Hawksbill Crag.

Seems like water is on the front of my mind.  The pipelines and the hog farm issue, over population…high usage…

All of the above! People in general just seem to take potable water for granted. I believe it to be our most at risk natural resource.

Several years ago ,we made a trip to Cali to visit family. I took Neill to see a place we lived for a few years. It was so shocking, It was heartache to see it! Where it has been much like our area here,  it is now wall to wall houses for miles! Stacked up the hillsides, almost able to lean out and touch the neighbors home…

The first thought after I recovered was “Where in the world are they getting the water for all this? ”

Some years ago there was an effort to buy water from Arkansas..it was rejected…Thank goodness!

But how many of these homes are even conscious of their water use?

How many homes reduce their water use , by installing a more efficient toiliet? Here in our area..we run into problems with this as well. When we wanted to hook Carrie’s home up to electric, a full flush toilet was required. We had talked about an incinolet, but the young man who we talked to said they keep trying to get them approved  but so far no luck! That’s sad…

How  many of us leave the water running while we brush our teeth?

What about industrial use..are there any options to their methods?

What about commercial animal farms? I have a deep respect for the family who own and operate the hog farm at Mt. Judea, yet maintain an even deeper fear of the results of a leak in their facility! Rather than crucify them, we need to change the laws.

We MUST protect our water ways ….remember Green Forrest?

A whole township of home wells   and springs contaminated by a chicken processing facilty…

The proposed pipelines are not something that will just affect people who live far from us! It sets legal precedent for other projects, like the Diamond Pipeline Arkansas is facing.

Don’t accept what anyone says..research for yourself! Get the facts…form an educated opinion and the act. Protest, peacefully and legally. Be proactive! Do your part on an individual level. If you can’t make large changes, do a small thing each day! They add up !

Our local area is so blessed ,both in our people and our resources. If all of us who love it work together, rather than being divided, we can preserve those treasures.



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