A Walk in the Woods

It was so gorgeous out today, just had to get out and be. ..

The weather is so crazy, I am a little worried about what the rest of the year will be like.  Yet it was stunningly beautiful today.


We took a slow, leisurely hike. Ambled down to our bee yard first, Neill just had to check on his girls, who were out bringing in pollen.The little saddlebags on their legs were full yo overflowing!

A lot of herbs are  trying to poke their heads up..daffodils are green, many of the trees have leaf buds out…the beech have those funny little spikes pushing off their old leaves..the ground is covered in pale gold leaves .Maples have pollen already…witch hazel has bloomed once so far…

We went up on the bench to see what beasties have been moving around..but the view took over. Our cove is beautiful.

Our does are verrrrry pregers, praying for doelings, lol. The muscovy ducks I got from Jimmie are in mating mode…its early spring to the trees and animals….

Getting things lined up to garden….feel like we’ll have more cold…but have the early seeds ready..lettuce, broccoli , cabbage and all…

Has anyone else had things falling to the ground? We’ve had three folks fall the kasy week, pictures coming off the wall, etc.It seems like these things run in cycles, haha.

We’ve had a young bear trying to raid…Buddy has run him off three mornings in a row! Poor bebe ..bet his mama ran him off to make room for the new cubs.

It’s time to be sure your animals are vacinated, before the wildlife start moving around.Rabies,Parvo, etc. We live so close to national forest with all the wildlife…we are especially careful about it!

Enjoy the weather , be prepared for more cold… Take a leap of faith and plant some lettuce..☺







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