Our Goats


If you’ve had them  then nothing more needs to be said LOL!

If not , then sit back and enjoy:)


Goats can be wonderful companions, trouble incarnate and a hilarious entertainment system.


We love our “Goatie girls” . They fill a lot of purposes on the homestead. We use their milk, making butter, cheese and yogurt.  They are a great system of brush control- when you are overrun with poison ivy – turn the goats in on it! (There is the added value of the milk helping you to develop a resistance to the poison ivy:)


This picture is three generations of Does-We keep what I like to call a “Generational ” herd-grandmothers, mothers and grand-daughters. They tend to learn behaviors- good and bad…grandmother teaches momma goats how to care for  the newborns- what dangers there are – even what plants are poisonous.

We breed for several things- milk production,sound conformation and especially  temperament- I do NOT intend to fight with a nanny on the milk stand! We also try to breed for multiple kidding- I cull pretty rigidly too. As a small farmer we can’t afford an animal that fails to contribute to the farm. Having said that – I sometimes goof and get too tenderhearted- haha-

Goat manure is one of the safest type to use on your garden beds- It does not need to be composted first.

Watch for our luxurious goat milk soaps  at Farmer’s market 🙂


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