Our Volunteers

One of the best parts of our life is the incredible volunteers that come through our doors. We have welcomes a number of folks from all over the world and thoroughly enjoyed meeting, teaching and adding them to our Herbhome Family. Many of them return and remain a big part of our lives. Our volunteer program allows helpers to come in and exchange working three hours day and chores for room and board and learning about our lifestyle. We teach, work and play hard.

Here are pictures of many of our friends!


37217_589864719921_2544919_nJeannie and Kara- Kara is a volunteer in Mozambique , helping families re-learn gardening skills after a racial war wiped out many of the elders who knew how to garden in thier environment.



Chino , Chris and Neill at Ponca low water bridge on the upper Buffalo River. Chino is a mural artist , while Chris writes aps for a living.


Elliot stayed with us a long time at the old place. The grandkids were still very small while he was here and they would really tickle torture him – and Travis , his Zendic Friend.


Chino at Devil’s Butte, a favorite overlook.


hikes katie n neill a tpedestal rocks

Neill and Katie at Pedestal Rocks- a favorite playground for us 🙂



Tammy and Leanne at Sam’s Throne  and Falling Waters.They were such great cooks! it was a real treat to have them run the Kitchen here- and then they jumped in and cobbed in the eaves on the living room! Awesome ladies- I’s have kept them if possible….


Chris at Falling aters
Chris at Falling Waters

DSCF1302 DSCF1299

Chris and Barlow at Sam's Throne
Chris and Barlow at Sam’s Throne


Resident Ent
Resident Ent
Little Jerry
Little Jerry- ah actually he’s six foot plus haha- bu I was there when he was born .
Carrie's first mud dance
Carrie’s first mud dance
Summer and Laura
Summer and Laura


Cuzzin Bob


Laura and Nikki


Jeannie Cooking


Hardworking boy- my favorite grandson!156429_344930035561144_740234187_n 37217_589864714931_3965561_n 37217_589864694971_5380132_n 37217_589864680001_2713181_n 37217_589864684991_6990928_n 37217_589864670021_4579287_n 37217_589864665031_1837609_n 37217_589864650061_3554589_n 37217_589864655051_7984931_n 37217_589864650061_3554589_n (2) 34262_589864635091_6705588_n 34262_589864630101_5588208_n 34262_589864625111_5536397_n 34262_589864620121_3828401_n 34262_589864590181_4538972_n 34262_589864560241_7303771_n


phone pics may 2015 005 IMG_20130831_173846

Catherine- a photo journalism student
Catherine- a photo journalism student

Jamie and Krista, from Scotland and Latvia, Ben  from Texas…

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