How to Get Here-aka “The Grand Adventure” LOL

We love having visitors, but please do call ahead to be sure someone is here.

We are only four miles off the pavement , but it seems as if you are┬á headed for real wilderness by the time you arrive here! so here are directions to the place. We suggest ignoring most GPS devices once you get into Newton County – they will take you down pigtrails that can tear the bottom out of a low slung car ..ask me how I know ­čÖé

Also we have a hill that can be very dangerous in wet or snowy weather. PLEASE use good judgment!

To reach our world from Harrison :

Take Hwy 7 to Jasper. We are approximately ten miles from here.

Turn┬áright (WEST) on Hwy 74 towards Mt. Sherman/Ponca – just past the blue building that is for sale turn LEFT onto 327 to Parthenon .

Once there you will go around a two story stone building , the old Shelton Store , and will see the Baptist Church and the Post Office on your left (post office got blown away in the tornado ) . This is Gum Springs Road. Turn onto it (LEFT) and go up hill a short way. You will come to a fork marked by a white sign with black lettering. “Gum Springs Road┬á┬á and Lone Beech Church”.( Sign is gone…howling wolf has his second sign up.

Turn RIGHT onto Lone Beech Church Road (County 86/ 8440) – continue on about four miles.

Land marks are – a concrete bridge with silver rails – a long hill ..then go along the flat until you reach Lone Beech Church – a little over two miles in –

Keep going gradually down hill – until you cross a skinny concrete bridge .

Turn LEFT and run along the Creek- crossing a small slab, up another long hill and along the flat.

You will pass a large stone house on the┬áRIGHT – set back from the road. It has double gates. Keep going -you are close- you will pass another gate on the RIGHT. The road begins going downhill from here.

You will reach a turn out. If you are in a low-slung vehicle STOP here and hike across the creek and up to the house on top. If you have good clearance , drive on up and offload at the campsite and then park up by the red SUV on top.

PLEASE use good judgment if the hill is wet- it is very slick and you will most likely get stuck. Maannnyyy people have ! Looking forward to seeing you .