Alchemy and Apothecary

Herbhome soaps are luxurious natural soaps made from organic oils and the herbs we grow here on the Homestead. Their gentle scents and luxurious feel make them a Magical experience, hence the Alchemy!

Our goat milk soaps are rich, emollient soaps that lather luxuriously
rosemary lavender soap
and have all the wonderful aromatherapy properties of the oils we infuse with our herbs …
The milk comes from our sweet milking nannies

Our sweet nannies
Our sweet nannies

and the soaps are all made here at the homestead, right in our light filled kitchen. We don’t make a huge variety of soaps, just ones we love, in the hopes that you will enjoy them too!

We make an old fashioned lye soap– I am the sixth generation making our recipe… one of my earliest memories is of standing by the big cast iron kettle stirring it with a long wooden paddle. I could just barely see over the top 🙂

Some of our specialty soaps include:
“Gardener’s Grit”- our version of Dragon Snot- cleans up most garden dirt and grease …
“Hunter’s Friend” I see a lot of our deer and turkey hunters use this during season to get rid of their scent.

We also make a handcrafted glycerin soap- it’s not as clear as commercially made glycerin soap, but is still a nice translucent soap- one of the best bars is our Jewelweed Soap- I can’t keep it in stock while the Poison Ivy is alive. Another is our Peppermint shower soap- wake up to a burst of peppermin, grown here on the Farm – it’s an eye opener..our friends both Byrdfest and Flux call it ” Wakeup Soap “!

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